Charlie Brown



Charlie Brown was born in 2003 he is a brown gelding with a a cream nose and a little cream star on his forehead. Despite being only young he has had lots of problems including very sensitive skin. He reacts badly to midges and often suffers from sore and irritated areas. We have to give him Aloe Vera shampoo baths, cream rubs and in the summer dress him in a fine mesh coat to keep the insects off.

Despite all that he’s a real sweetie and follows you around when your doing the chores and is often the first to bray when you arrive at the Donkey paddocks.

As part of your adoption package you will receive a certificate, a photograph (sadly we are struggling to get him to sign it) along with the opportunity to come along and spend some quality one on one time with him grooming or even creaming in his case.

If you would like to adopt this donkey as a gift for someone else, kindly enter that person’s name in the ‘Additional Notes’ section of the Checkout page.


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