One of the most valuable things of all.... Your Time!

Volunteering your time is both a rewarding and enjoyable thing to do. There are so many aspects to creating a safe and comfortable life for these lovely animals. Grooming their coats, Cleaning out feet, Mucking out shelters, Pooh picking fields are just some of the daily tasks that need to be done. But even the not so pleasant tasks seem enjoyable when you have the donkeys around you.
You don’t need qualifications to help keep the donkeys healthy we can show you what to do and help make it a rewarding experience for both you and the animals.
Donkeys are careful and sensitive creatures and may take a little while to accept and trust you, but when they do they appreciate what you do for them, but more than that they give you in return a warm sense of wellbeing and an inner calmness.

Other Opportunities

We also need volunteers for other activities such as running our website, (Webmaster), attending to Social Media, siting collecting boxes, giving talks, becoming Trustees, etc.


We also need volunteers to help raise funds!
This is new to us as we have always funded the donkeys ourselves through donkey rides and our other jobs, but with 18 now in our family we can’t care for them and raise the funds needed – over £50000 a year or £7.80 per donkey every day!.
How about having a Coffee morning, Table top sale, having a personal collecting tin, sponsored walks and runs etc. etc.
If you can help with ideas and ways to make them happen we would love to speak to you!
With your help we can achieve so much – without it we will struggle!