£3 will provide a bale of quality barley straw, which they love, and gives them the perfect high fibre diet.

£5.00 will provide a foot dressing for the treatment of an abscess. Donkeys originate from dry arid places and their hoofs absorb water from the ground making them softer allowing bits of grit to work into the hoof and can cause a build up of puss making them very lame. Daily hot tubbing and poultices using the dressings form part of the treatment.

£10 would buy a course of antibiotics that can be used to treat a skin infection and provide great relief.

£20 will pay for a visit from the farrier to trim a donkeys feet to make sure they are comfortable and sound.

£30.00 will pay for a donkeys teeth checking and rasping to ensure they are comfortable, reducing mouth ulcers and making sure they can chew properly and get the most out of their food.

£50.00 would enable a vet to administer a vaccination to protect them against equine influenza.

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